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Children in 4th and 5th grades are starting a new journey in their spiritual lives. As preteens they are beginning to ask questions about their faith and what they have learned in the Bible. In our 4th + 5th Grade Ministry, we desire to show these children how the Bible applies to their daily lives at school, with friends, and in their families. During their time in our ministry, we want 4th and 5th graders to discover three things: Jesus, Faith, and Courage. 

For more information contact the 4th + 5th Grade Ministry office at (901) 347-5690.

Next Steps for 4th+5th Graders

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Sunday Mornings

It’s important that every person be connected in a Life Group, especially 4th + 5th grade students. Life Groups are an awesome place for preteens to hear God’s Word, have fun, and make new friends.

We offer Life Groups for 4th and 5th graders at 8:00, 9:20, and 11:00 a.m. each Sunday morning.We break our Life Groups into three sections:

Small Group #1 – Preteens come to their Life Group and their leaders will prepare them for that day’s lesson through Bible memory and a fun activity.
Large Group – All of our 4th + 5th grade Life Groups come together for an exciting time of music, activities, and Bible teaching
Small Group #2 – Students go back to their Life Group Room for a gender-specific small group, where they can ask questions and engage with the lesson

To connect your child to a Life Group, bring them to the East Lobby (1st or 2nd floor) where they can check in at one of our kiosks. 

Wednesday Nights

Shift starts back on Wednesday, September 5!

On Wednesday nights at 6:15 pm, our preteens come together for Shift. Each week, they will worship, play games, and learn how to use their talents for God’s kingdom.

After a 30-minute large group in W209/211, students go to a class of their choice. Students are dismissed from their classes at 7:45 pm, so determine a meeting spot before coming to Shift.

Click here to register for a class! (Each class has limited space, so register today)

Art – Learn the fundamentals of art using Scripture as a springboard for expression.

Choreography – Develop individual and group skills in choreographed movement to portray the message and mood of Christian music.

Creation vs. Evolution – Take a deeper look at the creation account in the Bible and learn how our world isn’t a random occurrence.

Drama – Build speaking and drama skills while preparing short skits that teach spiritual truths. There will be two classes of Drama.

Heart to Heart – Moms and daughters discover life, relationships, and purity together in this class. (Mothers are required to attend with their daughters). Cost is $10 for materials.

Kids EE – Learn how to share the Gospel confidently with your friends and classmates. This class is two semesters long.

Photography – Learn to use photography skills to illustrate Scripture and photograph others who are serving in Bellevue.
 The student must provide their own digital camera to participate in this class.

Puppets – Develop individual and group skills in using puppets to share Jesus with others.

Sign Language – Learn how to use sign language to lead people in worship and to communicate with other people.

Sing Praise – Practice how to sing and learn how to blend your voice with others in this open singing group.

Trash Can Rhythms – Use Scripture as a basis to compose and perform rhythmic songs and chants.

Videography – Learn the steps in creating a video from shooting footage to editing the final cut.

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