Visit a campground nearby or camp in your own backyard

Whether you pack a tent and travel across the country or take a sleeping bag to the back yard, camping has long been a family memory maker. Put this adventure on your family calendar.

After camp set-up, take advantage of daylight and explore the outdoors. Look for interesting things that could easily be missed if you move too quickly. Make the parallel to real life by discussing important things that can get lost amidst our day-to-day business (school work deadlines, family dinner, time with friends).

Similarly, when you pack your bag for camping, you have to decide what to pack and what to leave at home. Camping helps you get back to the basics. Discuss how business can take our eyes off important things and focus on less important things instead. Discuss how you can be on guard against unhealthy distractions and how you can help each other keep your priorities in line.

As the sun goes down, watch for the appearance of stars. Did you know the stars don’t “come out at night”? They were in the sky all day! Why can we see them better after dark?

Be amazed at the night sky! On a clear, moonless night, you can see more than 1000 stars! Astronomers say that our Milky Way contains over 200,000 million stars. God created every one of them uniquely! They may look similar to us but each one was crafted by God’s creative design. As you discuss the individuality of each star, list each child’s unique character traits, abilities, and strengths. Encourage siblings to participate by bragging on each other.

Fun Facts:
* Earth’s nearest star is the sun.
* A star is a big ball of glowing gas (primarily hydrogen and helium).
* A shooting star is not a star at all! It is a meteor that burns when it enters the earth’s atmosphere.
* Major groupings of stars are called constellations (Big Dipper, Orion, Phoenix)

Can you locate any constellations? If not, use your imagination to make up some of your own. Sleep under a canopy of stars.

In the morning, you will hear birds chirping long before you’re ready to get up. God knows each bird individually: who is their mom, where do they live, and how many worms did they eat?

God loves us, individually, much more than the birds! How has God taken care of you lately?

For an outdoor craft make a bird feeder! Build a simple bird feeder (hang a bagel or pine cone covered with peanut butter) or something fancier. Hang the bird feeder near your home or tent to be reminded of this truth: If God cares for the birds, how much more does He care for me?

As an encouragement to other campers, post pictures of your family’s camp out using #FamilyOutdoorAdventure.

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